Our 4th competition since the march of 2015 is coming to it’s end in next few weeks. Winter war is the 3rd season of our popular and innovative league format in Red Orchestra 2. First season called First Blood was played using the RO2League’s own basic web page and forums with 11 teams. Second season called Summer offensive was staged in RO2Arena and had 14 teams and finally our 3rd and for now last league season titled Winter war has currently 16 teams competing. While the game is not getting any younger we are proud and thankful for managing to increase competitive activity in Red Orchestra so much. May all that work be fruitful for all future competitions as well. It is also worth mentioning that Rifle World Cup #2 had 26 teams competing for the win.
RO2League team has recently been shrinking and the time available for organizing competitions has been decreased. While we have tried to enquire for new personnel we have not succeeded in making additions to our team. We sincerely believe that competition organizer should be fully dedicated for their work to offer as good experience as possible for all the competitors. Christmas is now around the corner and the current staff of Finalize, Rivimies and Uncel Soogy want to withdraw to a well deserved holidays with things more important than Red Orchestra. We had a plan to organize 3 tournament between January and July of 2016 but these plans were scrapped with the news of new competition organizer having a go in RO2Arena and it is a bit of relief to be honest. Having new competition organizers is a really good news for Red Orchestra community and we hope it all goes well for the them.
Effect of our decision will be as of following:
– All RO2League servers will be taken down except the New York servers and Russian server which have been paid with community donations. Should you need technical help with New York and Russia servers, please contact Rivimies. Russian server is paid until 8th of January and New York servers until 29th of December and they will remain open for everyone with old passwords until their expiry date.
– We want to give a BIG thanks for all donators for helping us with especially the crucial NY servers. All money we received has been put into these server payments, except some as January’s payments are not done yet. Rivimies will do his best in returning unused donations during January. We know the aliases of those who gave them when donating, otherwise we only know the full name. Those who donated very recently can also enquire Rivimies about returns. Currently we have 115 euros of unspent money.
– RO2League demorecs will be removed from the web after Winter war has ended. Should you want to have material for memories, compilations or what not, it is a good moment to take your copies of demorecs while you still can.
– RO2League streams will obviously be on hold as well.
– RO2League web page and forums will still remain. Please note that to join the forum you need to contact a person from RO2League staff so your application to join the forum can be accepted. We have been forced to set this feature on due to spam bots.
While all this may sound negative and bit of doom and gloom, fear not. Community will remain as strong as the community wants it to stay. We wanted to create RO2League to give plenty of competitive gameplay to clans. All this was created out from nowhere with a few volunteers. We are proud with our achievements and we feel that we are leaving behind a far more healthier community activity wise than when we started. It was a big gamble to get started but it was all very worth it.
We may come back some day but should we do so we need to be a bit stronger and there also has to be an urgent need for competitions. We do not aim to create competitions for sake of it as long as other organizers keep the clan community entertained and active. Our work is done for now after 20th of December. Thanks for the whole community for being part of the competitions and special thanks go for {LS} Sturmführer and MeoW-Sturmi who were part of RO2League staff during our journey.
On behalf of the whole RO2League team,

Finalize, Rivimies & Uncel Soogy

Now that Summer Offensive is running greatly at ro2arena.com, we urge everyone to register there so you can fully enjoy the betting, streams and player-statistics. RO2League.com will remain as a source for RO2 League competition and other news, but Red Orchestra 2 Arena is where the action is nowadays.

The forum there is now being used for Summer Offensive as well – when the forum is completed and we have more control over our own section, we will complete the move from ro2league.com to ro2arena.com.

Thanks to everyone who helped shape RO2 League to what it is now and for the awesome platform at RO2Arena. Visit and sign up!


Entering the “competitive RO2 community” might be a bit of a jump as the gameplay and skill level are slightly different from what players that mostly play public are used to.

RO2 League wants to help new teams to a start in the competitive scene, so therefore we can provide a private training server and a Teamspeak 3 server for new clans.


What we offer:

  • Red Orchestra 2 private 16 slot server with RO2 League settings.
  • Admin password for the server.
  • Teamspeak 3 server with private sub-channel of 16 slots.

What we require:

  • Team to register on ro2arena.com.
  • Team to show activity and real interest in playing RO2 League matches on our servers. We do not require team to join the real league right away, practice matches are a good way to show activity.

Please note that these servers are located in EU.

For more information, please contact [F|H]Rivimies on Steam.

Watching Koitos map demorecs is not possible, if you have received Koitos map for your game as server redirect download. This is the usual case, I guess. Demoplay of Koitos match will not start. To correct this, you need to download the “real” mapfile and place it in the folder where other stock maps are.

1. You can download Koitos mapfile here: Koitos map .roe file
2. Copy or move it to folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Red Orchestra 2\ROGame\BrewedPC\Maps
3. Restart your game

After this, demoplay will work with Koitos map too.

We have found a rare but possible scenario, where player is unable to connect to RO2 League servers (game crashes immediately after joining the server). We will look into fool-proof solutions with our mutator, but there is also a easy fix for this on client-side. Please check that you have following lines in your ROEngine.ini file (Documents/My Games/RedOrchestra2/ROGame/Config folder). These four lines should be like this after installing the game, so if you have not changed them, everything should be just fine. Lines must be just like below, not commented or edited in any way. Lines can be found under [Core.System] section of ROEngine.ini


If you have any questions, please contact [F|H]Rivimies

Thanks to MeoW.Chrysis for providing input data.

Summer Offensive is now on the way with the match-up topics for Round 1 posted at the RO2L Forums for both Div 1 and Div 2. When all teams have signed up at RO2Arena, we can launch the competition here.

The General Rules apply to Summer Offensive in addition to the competition-specific rules. For rosters we will use the forum-thread due to the fast transition to RO2A from RO2L.

After a very succesful and entertaining First Blood season, we are excited to see what Summer Offensive brings to the table. Wether SHTRAFBAT will successfully defend their championship or another team claims superiority in the First Division remains to be seen. Second Division kicks off with the title waiting for a team to rise up and claim it. [*IDF*] is sure to make it difficult for anyone to reach the top spot.

Look forward to streams and !yes! match betting, comments and screenshots thanks to the awesome work of Comunista @ RO2Arena. Can’t wait!

The first RO2L-organized season has come to an end and what an exciting way to end the 10-week long tourney! The community spirit has been great and all matches were played nicely, despite the unfortunate departure of two teams. The organizers at RO2 League want to thank every player who participated in the season, a great show from the RO2 community. Lets take it to the next season!

First Division comes to a close with [PB] taking the title with a last-round win over {LS}, leaping over -PRKL-‘s meager 16 points to secure the trophy with 18 points, 6 wins out of 8 games. Congratulations to MypaveJI and all of SHTRAFBAT! -PRKL- comes in the second spot with [F|H] finishing third.

Second Division was all open right until the end with Union leading at 11 points, but [*IDF*] rose up to the challenge and fought to take two victories in their last two games and take the Div 2 title with 13 points! Congratulations to [*IDF*] for the title, Union for a solid 2nd seat and +IC+ for taking the third place.

Sincere congratulations and respects from RO2L organizers to the First Blood Grand Champion SHTRAFBAT – [PB] and Second Division champion Infanterie-Division Falke – [*IDF*]! Final thanks to all the clans for participating and making all this possible.

Second season, Summer Offensive, is right about to start so keep an eye out for news to follow..

RO2L is happy to announce another community run competition, the second league season at RO2 League – Summer Offensive, to be started on Monday 11th May 2015. We will continue with teams split into two divisions (if we get enough teams) and this time in both divisions, teams play each other two times. We will announce gameweeks more quickly so teams can play their matches less restricted by dates. More info on scheduling will come later.

Sign-ups are open until the match-up draw on Sunday 10th May. Late registration is also possible, if the team joining is active enough to catch up with already played matches.

Summer Offensive will use the General Rules and mostly same rules as First Blood, with the addition that both divisions play 2 matches agains each team.

Our first competition, the First Blood league, will end on Sunday 10th May. As RO2L strives to be community run, we want to hear from every community member, not just clan leaders, what kind of competition you would like to see here next. Voting requires only registration to this forum.

We plan to start any of these competitions right after the league has ended on 10th May so there will be no waiting for announcement of what’s next and no wait for registration period! We plan to close the voting by end of gameweek #8, 26th April. Announcement for the next competition will be made shortly after, when we will also open the registrations for the competition. Registration period will end on Saturday 9th May.

We really want the input of as many members of community as possible. You can also discuss anything related to future competitions and what would you like to see that is not listed above right in this topic.

Head on to the forums and vote here -> http://www.ro2league.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=108

After the sad news of <PJ> and |6th| having to leave the Division 2 mid season due to their internal problems we are glad to announce that we have managed to boost the activity of 2nd division for the rest of the season with a brand new clan – Forgotten Honor #2. Their matches have been added to match arranging forum http://www.ro2league.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=6.

Deadline to play these matches is the end of the season, 10th of May. We have allowed [F|H] 2 to play their matches in random order so their opponents can fit the additional matches to their calendars as they wish. Good luck to the newcomer and hopefully we will have 5 more exciting matches in 2nd division!

While deciding between awarding all 2nd Div teams wins over 6TH & PJ or removing the matches completely (stated in rules in case a team quits), we decided to remove the matches so the league table doesn’t lie. Unfortunately few teams will lose a win, but the end-result will be the same as every teams has same number of matches.